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  • I can not find out InCD program in Nero 7.

    InCD is not automatically installed when installing Nero 7. Please install InCD program as described below. [ How to install InCD 5 in Nero 7 ] 1. After initializing and reinstalling Nero 7. – Delete ‘Nero 7 Essentials’ from Control Panel or execute ‘Clean Tool’. Delete the Nero program that was already installed. – Reboot PC before inserting bundle CD and select ‘Install Nero OEM Suite’. Reinstall ‘Nero 7 Essentials’. – Select ‘User Definition’ and page down the scroll bar in the program list below and ‘InCD’ is shown up as ‘X.’ Click InCD option with the right mouse button and select ‘The function and all sub functions are installed in your local hard drive’ and then click ‘Next’ Now, the installation is completed. 1. Install InCD without reinstalling Nero 7. – Install InCD as follows. – From Nero StartSmart > Nero Tool Kit (Tool) > Nero ProductSetup > Select ‘No’ when the message, ‘Confirm Updated Version’ displays. > Select ‘Install’ in the left menu and click ‘Modify’ from ‘Nero 7 Essentials’. Page down the scroll bar in the list when User Definition screen displays and ‘InCD’ is shown up as ‘X’ Click InCD option with the right mouse button and select ‘The function and all sub functions are installed in your local hard drive’ and then click ‘Next’. (Please see Setup Screen.)

  • I try to make LightScribe Ro disk label, Maegnu does not appear or commission.

    To optimally use LightScribe requires updating existing F/W or bundle S/W or LS CAPI provided by HP. The LS CAPI is a key factor in realizing the function of Light Scribing, and by using this, application S/W providers manufacture consumer products such as Nero Express or Nero CoverDesigner. In addition to updating Drive and Application S/W, users are advised to download LS CAPI updater over web site to optimally use LightScribe. For downloading, please refer to the link below at which LS CAPI updater is uploaded. Users are advised to download the attached file or move to the download page in Nero site to install the program and reboot PC for normal operation. When installation is completed, users can find that ‘LightScribe Label Print’ is added to functions. ▶Download URL :
    Attach :  200708280833455332_LS_HSI.EXE Download

  • CD-Key Error with installing Nero program.

    CD-Key errors happen when colliding with Nero program that was already installed. Delete the License that was already setup and execute Clean Tool to apply the new License that was attached to a bundle. Delete the existing program and reboot PC to install Nero software. Our company software is so configured that the program may be automatically set up without entering CD-KEY.
    Attach :  200708212011279601_General-CleanTool_2_1_10_3.exe Download

  • Error is occured if you record on DVD-R media by Nero Recode2

    Problem “Write Fail” is occured if you record on DVD-R media by Nero Recode2(DVD recording program)after installing the burndle Nero program(Ver offered when buying DVD Writer proucts. Solution That problem is settled if you update version of Nero 6 program into a higher version than You can download higher patch file in Ahead homepage and our ODD customer support homepage. ※Download URL : – (DOWNLOADS → Updates → Updates Nero 6 Reloaded) – (Tech-infomaition → Application software)

  • [Notice]TS-H542A winDVD CD Key error

    ■ Problem summery: CD-Key error during installing WinDVD Recorder included in InterVideo which supplied TS-H542A bundle S/W program. ■ Sympton: When input CD-Key of Win DVD Recorder, the error message appears ” It’s wrong CD-Key” ■ Cause: It’s printed wrong CD-Key on CD cover ■ Solution: [Solution 1] When input CD manual(program disk), you can see a program list and serial number. Please click [ Serial number ] on the top of program list and install it after checking the serial number of Win DVD recorder. [Solution 2] After input CD manual, click right mouse in My computer → click “Explorer” → you can see SAMSUNGCDKey in program folder → run the text file of WinDVD Recorder.

  • [Notice]The patch version for the solution of Pinnacle S/W problem with TS-H542A

    The patch version for the solution of TS-H542A(DVDWrite 12X) Pinnacle S/W application problem

    It’s the solution for incompatibility problem of Pinnacle S/W program which supplied with TS-H542A(DVD Write 12X),

    Please refer it for using Pinnacle S/W with TS-H542A.

    TS-H542A Applied Software status by Selling District

    Selling District

    Applied Sdftware

    Domestic& Overseas Distribution

    (Except Some districts)

    NERO 6 version + Inter Vidio DVD

    Europe, South America

    Pinnacle(Write + DVD play)

    Pinnacle S/W Problem

    Frist.Not available ‘High level deletion” in all O/S environment . (Defult set up “High level deletion”)

    -While deleting DVD-RW data as a high level deletion function, the existing file is not deleted

    (but High level delete is ok in function) .

    OS environment in problem: In case of deleting DVD-RW Media as a “High-level deletion ” in all O/S (98,ME,2000,XP),

    the problem is occurring.

    – Data is not deleted but if you write other files, writing is ok with the message “ Data is deleted”

    All DVD+RW MEDIA are ok in High level deletion function

    RW deleting provides three function, High-level deletion, Quick deletion and all data deletion.


    In case deleing DVD-RW : Quick deletion, it can be deleted as only two function, Quick deletion and all data deletion

    When delete DVD-RW data, High-level delete function is operated as a Default.

    In case of Deleting DVD-RW data, it’s recommended to choose “Quick deletion” and “All data deletion”

    then DVD-RW data will be deleted perfectly.

    Second. Not possible Drag and Drip function in 98/ME

    – After doing “ All data format” to use “DVD-RW PACKET WRITE “, it’s not possible Drag and Drop function.

    ( You have the message “ Disc is full”)

    OS Environment : Windows 98, ME in problem


    While doing “DVD-RW PACKET WRITE”, if you choose “QUICK FORMAT”, it’s possible to use “DRAG AND DROP” function.

    -> If RW Media which formatted fully is doing Quick Format, it’s possible to use Drag and drop function.

    PACKET WRITE function : The formatted media can copy files from Explorer with the function, “Drag and Drop”

    ★ Patch version is posted on ODD website to solve this problem /Tech information/Application Software

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