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Step up the-notch company with the philosophy of customer satisfaction.
Welcome to Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation, a company storing
the world into optical products.

TSST Korea (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea) , a global joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Toshiba ODD section, was established to provide better service and product to customers by its strong competitiveness originated from the mother companies competitiveness.
Since the establishment in 2004, TSST has been the leading company of optical storage business.
We pursue win-win strategy between the customer and the company by providing valuable optical solution to customers.

Mission statement

First, embrace the challenge for the vision with innovative idea and belief.

It is not ‘failure’ but ‘giving up and stop challenging’ which is the opposite meaning to ‘success’.
TSST never stop challenging for customers satisfaction, which is the vision of the company.

Second, a commitment for customer satisfaction with positive and passionate mind.

The people of TSST Korea share a commitment for the effort to fulfill their obligation.
We will always be the first satisfying customers.

Third, satisfy customers by serving the industry leading products at reasonable prices.

It’s our aim to develop innovative technologies and efficient processes that create new markets, enrich people’s lives and continue to make TSST as a trusted market leader.

TSST Korea will do the best efforts for becoming the world leading company by continuously developing the best solution for customer satisfaction, and will take continuous actions for
self-development and innovation for customer and stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation
Chief Executive Officer, DeaSung Cho.

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