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What is LiveUpdate?

View the detailed guides to the LiveUpdate program, and refer to the model answers to the most common questions concerning the program.

What is the Firmware LiveUpdate Program?

Firmware LiveUpdate is a program that automatically upgrades the latest firmware version through the Internet.
Samsung electronic has developed an automatic firmware upgrade program, the first of its kind in the world.
This service has been provided for all ODD (CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, COMBO, RAM, SLIM, and etc.) user and TSST (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology) user, so please feel free to use it.

1. What is Firmware?

  • F/W(Firmware) is a control program basically installed on ODD products to enhance performance.
    Put it simply, firmware is the operating system of ODD products (CD-ROM/RW).
    Although an ODD product is released with firmware installed on it, we provide new firmware versions with improved support for various kinds of PCs and CD media to meet customer needs. Please visit our website at for download and installation of the latest firmware.
  • What ‘ s ODD? ODD, an abbreviation for Optical Disc Drive , refers to optical storage devices using laser pick.

1-1. Advantages of firmware upgrade

  • Improve compatibility with various CD-R/RW Discs.
  • Can solve problems of various kinds of PCs and operating systems (O/S). (Improvement of compatibility)
  • Transmission speed of information increases when using applications software (S/W) that requires a high speed data processing. – Improved picture quality when playing DVD titles and prevention of a buffer under run error when using CD-RW drives

2. Development of automatic upgrade program

  • Until now, when new firmware was released and posted on the manufacturers’ website s managed by themselves , customers had to visit the website to check if the firmware supports their models and download and install it on their own.
    Most customers, however, were not familiar with these procedures. Also, there was no way to know whether new firmware was released before visiting the manufacturers’ homepages . To eliminate this inconvenience at its source, Samsung Electronics has developed a system, which enables customers firmware to be upgraded to the newest version automatically upon its release. But, to get this service, customers have to install the Firmware LiveUpdate program on their computers and the computers should be connected to the Internet.

3. Basic operation principle

  • Basically, the model names and the firmware versions are recorded in all firmware of Samsung Electronics ODD products. Every time a customer turns on a PC and Internet, the Firmware LiveUpdate program checks the latest firmware version by sending firmware information of the ODD model installed in customer ‘ s PC to Samsung Electronics firmware database to determine if there is new firmware version has been released. If customer ‘ s firmware is the latest version, the program is automatically closed (It takes less than one sec.), but if there is a new version, it will confirm customer ‘ s intension, and then, automatically starts to upgrade. Times it takes will be different depending on Internet transmission speed. The size of the Samsung Electronics Firmware is generally less than 1MByte.

4. Main Functions

  • Function to Automatically Search the Latest Firmware LiveUpdate Program Patch Version
    If a Firmware LiveUpdate program in customer’s PC has functional problem or if there is a new version, a patch file is released. It automatically searches the latest patch program and guides it.
  • Function to Automatically Upgrade and Search the Latest Firmware LiveUpdate Program Patch Version.
    If a firmware LiveUpdate program in customer’s PC has functional problem or if there is new version, it automatically downloads and installs the latest patch program to customer’s PC.
  • Function to Search Firmware Upgrade History
    By using this function, history of automatic firmware upgrade can be referred.
    (Model name of ODD product, Version information, Date, Time, and etc.)
  • Function to Set Up an Upgrade Schedule
    Basically, it is set to attempt every time turning on a PC, but this function gives a choice that a customer can set up the auto-execution schedule.
  • Error Report Function
    It is a function that a customer can send an error report when he or she has an error while using, Samsung ODD products.
  • ONA Function
    Customers can ask or review answers directly by connecting to Samsung’s Homepage when they have questions or problems about Firmware LiveUpdate Programs.
How to upgrade One Click firmware
TSDNMAC Firmware Upgrade

Check F/W version

It is a program to check the drive name, firmware name, and vendor name while upgrading the firmware of a model that is not supported by firmware live update system.

Check F/W version
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