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Optical Smart Hub FAQs

It supplies the newest information by continuously updating information, and it is managed to solve the users curiosity or inquiry by serving standard answers related in homepage and product use in advance.

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Configuration & System Management

Functions in Mobile Smart Hub Application

Connect to PC

Others (FTP/NAS/Repeater/General Inquiries)

  • [SSID & Password Setting]
    How can I connect my mobile devices (or PC) to the OSH after SW installation?

    (1) Select SSID of the OSH you have. Default SSID can be found on the bottom of the OSH (Here we use 208BW300 as an example).
    (2) The password can be found below the location that you find the SSID (or use the SSID and password you changed if you already modified them).
    (3) Input the password to connect to the OSH, and wait until you are connected (The password is case sensitive. Make sure you input right one)


    You can change the SSID and password in Web UI (System  → Wireless Settings). Also the OSH installer provides the option to change them during installation. We recommend you to change them to enhance security (it may be insecure to continue using password that is clearly printed on the OSH itself).
  • [Configuration thru Web UI]
    When I type http://smarthub in the web browser’s address bar, Web UI admin page is not seen.

    It may be because of toolbar offered by search engines. Uninstall the toolbar and try again, or following this direction;
    For Windows users, connect your Wi-Fi network to the optical Smart Hub first. Then
    (1) Click “Start” button
    (2) Enter “cmd” in the search box at the bottom of the Start menu.
    (3) In the DOS prompt box (black box), type “ipconfig” and press enter.
    See the Default Gateway’s IP. That’s the address of your OSH’s Web UI. Enter that IP into the browser’s address bar.
  • [Internet connectivity issues]
    Installation process is completed but still my internet connection doesn’t work.

    – Check if the distance between devices are too long or there are any obstacles (wall or other devices that interfere with the OSH) in between.
    – Check if there are any radio devices that may interfere with the OSH’s wireless connection.
    – Connect WAN Port Cable and check Web UI
    → WAN setting shodivd comply with Internet Service Provider’s recommendation
    → Wireless option shodivd be enabled

    → DHCP Server should be enabled

    → WDS Function should be disabled

    . Press Factory Reset button and check again.
  • [“Unable to find the entered SSID” message]
    Solution for ” Unable to find the entered SSID” message during initial set up of Optical SmartHub.

    1. Power On

    – Connecting the Power Adapter
    2. Boot system
    LED status is on after booting complete

    – LED status is on after booting complete
    3. Run the program after insert bundle disc to ODD of PC or please download the program below link.
    – You can download Optical Smarthub Install Program here(
    Or download here
    4. Run a program
    Run a Optical Smart Hub Install Program
    5. Please enter SSID and Password on the label at the bottom of product
    6. Click the Next button for searching a device

    Click the Next button for searching a device

    7. Failure searching a device

    – If you see ” Unable to find entered SSID ” repeatedly, please refer to next step.
    8. Run the Wireless Network Connect

    – In the Network list, please find “OpticalSmartHub” network name instead of origin SSID name on the label at the bottom of product.
    – If you find it, double click it for connect.

    – You can see “Wireless network connect” status
    9. Please enter “http://smarthub” in address of web browser
    – You can see Log-in pa
  • [iOS6 with Optical SmartHub]
    Countermeasure for SE-208BW WiFi connect problem with iOS6

    A] Method 1 (Country change for 13 channel)

    System-Wireless Setting

    • 1)Country/Region : “America/Taiwan”
    • 2)Channel : “Auto”
    • then “Save”

    B] Method 2 (DNS setting)

    • We need to input DNS address into Smarthub
    • 1) Connect your computer with Smarthub through Wi-Fi
    • 2) input below address to configure Smarthub
      Address is
      press “Login”
    • 3) Go to “System” ? “WAN setting”
    • 4) Select “Use the following DNS Servers”
    • 5) Input
    • 6) Select “Save”
      Wait 2 ~ 3minutes to save
    • 7) try to connect iPAD with Smarthub again
  • [Internet setting by service type]
    How do I know my internet service type? And how can I set up my internet connection using the OSH installer?

    – Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your ISP can tell you the service type you are using now.
    – After knowing your internet service type, run the installer. You can see the below menu after finishing Wi-Fi configuration.
    (1) Choose Auto IP address if you are subscribing dynamic IP based service. All things will be done automatically.
    (2) If you are subscribing static IP based service (mostly company network), ask your system manager to get IP/DNS addresses to configure the network.
    (3) If you are subscribing PPPoE (ADSL), enter the ID/password received from your internet service provider.

    See the user manual or quick guide to know the detailed steps.
  • [Configuration with existing AP]
    I am using a wireless AP already. How can I use a new OSH together with existing wireless AP?
    (1) I want to keep existing AP’s connection, and passively connect the OSH to the AP.
    (2) I want to keep existing AP’s connection, and use the OSH separately without connecting to internet (without connecting the OSH to the existing AP through LAN cable).
    (3) I want to OSH as a main AP connected to internet.

    (1) To prevent conflict, IP address of the existing AP and the OSH should be different. if both have the same address (e.g., please change any one’s IP address by changing the second last locate of the IP address making it something like this : or But in most cases, the OSH does not conflict with existing AP/Routers.
    (2) In this case, OSH creates an isolated network that has no connection with the existing AP. To use the OSH’s own functions, you should connect to the OSH, not to the existing AP.
    (3) You can just connect WAN cable to use internet. If you can’t access internet just by doing this, follow the instruction after running the installer in your bundle CD.
  • [Internet is disconnected after running the installer]
    I have a wireless AP already for internet connection. But it doesn’t work after running the installer of the OSH.

    After running the OSH installer, your PC recognizes the OSH as the default AP. So it changes the default internet connection from your existing AP to the OSH.
    (1) In this case, internet connection doesn’t work if the OSH is not connected to internet through LAN cable.
    (2) If you want to connect to internet thru the existing AP, you can choose the existing AP again in the AP list of your PC.
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