One Click Firmware Upgrade Method   

One Click Firmware Upgrade that our company newly adopts is a program that can complete firmware upgrade just by running the execution file. When firmware upgrade is completed, the computer is automatically rebooted. So, save any data you are working on and close all programs before executing the upgrade.

The firmware upgrade process of this company is organized so that the entire upgrade process is completed after the PC is automatically rebooted.

Therefore, do not turn off the PC power supply by force while the upgrade is in progress.

If the ODD does not operate normally after the firmware upgrade, normal use will be possible if you proceed with the firmware upgrade process again.


  1. First of all, execute “View Version�� program and check “drive name” and “OEM CODE” installed on your computer, to see whether it is the same firmware as the one to be upgraded.
    Ex) Domestic Model SH-S182M (F/W Ver.: SB04, OEM Code: SB)


  2. If the execution file to upgrade is selected and executed and the resulting warning message is checked, the upgrade process will be carried out.
    warning message

  3. After carrying out the upgrade, a “Download Ok!! Restart WINDOWS”message will be displayed. If it is checked, the PC will reboot and the upgrade process will be completed.
    Download Ok