How to Upgrade TSDNMAC Firmware

This is a firmware upgrade program for Macintosh. 
When firmware upgrade is completed, your computer will automatically reboot. So, save open files and close all programs before starting upgrade.

※ Note ※

Our firmware upgrade is configured to be completed as computer automatically reboots when firmware upgrade is done.

Therefore, do not turn off the computer power while upgrade is in progress.

If ODD does not work properly after firmware upgrade, perform firmware upgrade one more time, and your ODD will operate normally.

  1. Download TSDNMAC program for Mac and BIN file to be upgraded in one folder, and
    then execute TSDNMAC program.
    Upgrade Order 1

  2. When TSDNMAC window is open, select a drive to be upgraded and then click “File Load” button to select the firmware BIN file to be upgraded. Then, click “Open” button, to open
    the BIN file in the window.
    Upgrade Order 2Upgrade Order 3

  3. Check in “Binary File” window whether firmware information to be upgrade is correct or not.
    Then, click “Download” button to proceed with firmware upgrade.
    Upgrade Order 4Upgrade Order 5

  4. When upgrade is done "Download OK. Please Restart System." message will appear.
    Click “OK” button, and the computer will reboot to complete the upgrading.
    Download OK. Please Restart System.