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Magic Speed

MAGIC SPEED is a program that provides users the option to select and use a reading speed from the ROM DRIVE between the max speed mode and the low noise mode.

Magic Speed

Background of MAGIC SPEED Development

The recent ODD products supply the highest reading speed. They can read data faster than the highest reading speed, but the rotation noise and the possibility of damages (crack or bent) have increased due to its high rotating speed

To support a safe and delightful PC environment for users, Samsung has developed a Magic Speed algorithm and has adopted it to its new products.

※ What is Magic Speed Algorithm?
To prevent disc breakage when using a cracked disc, it drives the disc at a safe speed by setting the disc to reading speed.
In addition, for users who want CD reproduction at the highest speed, we provide a service of function that enables users to select reading speed they desire through MAGIC S{EED program.
#MAGIC SPEED is a program that controls reading speed only for CD.
It doesn’t control recording speed and reading speed for DVD.
Please change the mode after taking out the DVD disc. In case that DVD Disc is inserted in the drive, the mode will not be changed.

1. Explanation of MAGIC SPEED Mode and Ways to use

1) Explanation of MAGIC SPEED Mode
  • The Maximum Speed Mode : Set up this mode when you want to read a disc at the maximum speed provided by the drive.
  • The Low Noise Mode : Set up this mode when you want to read a disc at a stable lower speed.
  • The set mode by Magic speed function is to keep identical when you use our drive by connecting to another pc. It’s highly recommended to use our drive after checking set condition.

Caution : In case of a cracked disc, the disc would be broken if it is operating at the maximum speed. Therefore, it is recommended to operate it in the low noise mode or to immediately make a copy and use it.

2) Ways to Use the MAGIC SPEED

  • The first of all, please install the Magic Speed program registered in Samsung’s homepage.
  • Operate the program by clicking the right mouse button on the MAGIC SPEED Tray Icon.
  • Select a desired mode from a program window, and click “Seup”. The reading speed of a drive operates in a selected mode.
  • Close the program window by selecting “Close”. At this time, the reading speed will keep operating by the changed speed unless you would change a mode and would end a program.

※ It is recommended to use a “Maximum Speed Mode” when operating a Data Copy & a Disc Copy and to use a “Low Noise Mode” when operating a general operation.
※ Other Function
Method to release an automatic operation : This program automatically operates when PC is booting.
If you wish to release the automatic operation, release the selected item, Automatic Operation in the Tray Icon menu.

2. Program Menu


01. Program Name
02. It is a place to select a drive that controls a reading speed by using a MAGIC SPEED.
03. It is a check box for setup of MAX speed.
04. It is a check box for setup of low speed.
05. It is a button to set up a reading speed.
06. It is a button to close an active window of a MAGIC SPEED.
07. It is a place to display a speed mode that is currently setup.

3. Tray Icon Menu

1) Manual implementation screen of programs

2) Program automatic operation screen
Program automatic operation screen
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